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BigFix V9.5: Platform Product Manuals
IBM Endpoint Manager Wiki on DeveloperWorks
BigFix Capacity Planning Guide
BigFix Maintenance Guide

Interactive Documentation

Inspector Search
Inspector Reference
Inspector Guide






Other Resources



I had a bunch of the above sitting open in browser tabs, which I now I don’t need to do since I can just refer to this.

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Thank you very much, James

Are there documents explaining how to create Linux & AIX custom fixlets ? Where should them be created. How to write to results file. How to read results. etc etc

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I’m not aware of Linux / AIX specific documentation, but I would imagine some does exist.

Learning relevance and actionscript is fairly universal for all OSes, but there are some specifics that are only available on particular platforms or not available on particular platforms.

Many different parts of the documentation above will list which relevance is available on which platforms.

Do you have a specific example?

For the most part, if you can do it on the command line / terminal, then you can do the same in actionscript.

James, thank you again. Working with de fixlet debbuger on AIX finally I could create what we need on TEM!

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Another link:

IBM BigFix Support Center

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Another link:
Enhancement Requests:


It looks like most of these links no longer work. The YouTube playlist was also deleted.

Is there a new resource I can send to new console operators?

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All of the new BigFix doc links and lots of other stuff can be found from this central site:

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