Windows Patch Download

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I have a query, is there a way to find from where windows patches are getting downloaded when we initiate BigFix Patch deployment actions.
I would like to know whether its downloaded from Internet or relay servers?

If its getting downloaded from relay server, where can i see the information.

By default, Clients download from the relay.
You can change this behavior - Managing Downloads - look into Downloading directly from the Internet site, Enable Direct Download based on network

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In my case, endpoints are creating more bandwidth utilized on Internet during the patch deployment. So would like to know, if there is any proven artifact that downloads are happening only from Local relay and not from Internet.

For a client to download from the internet you’d have to have direct downloads setup as Orbiton alluded to. If that’s setup then you can see if a file is downloaded directly from the internet by looking at either the client debug log or you can create a smaller, easier to manage log file using the “_BESClient_JobThread_DebugOutPath” client setting on the endpoint in question and set it to the path and filename you like. Make sure the path already exists though. I tuck mine away in the client logs folder but it could really be anywhere. That log will show you if a file was pulled from the internet or not.