Will restart the client service cause the client to send a full report?

I read from some document that restart the client will make the client to send a full report.
But actually, I checked the debug log.
It just have the line.
0400 DebugMessage Report posted successfully

But if I run the task “send refresh”, the below line is “Full Report posted successfully”.

My question is whether the restart of the client service will cause the client to post a full report?

Restarting the client does not trigger a full report.

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A restart of the client does typically cause it to check in and notice if things have changed for it to gather, but not send a Full Report.

You can deploy an action to a client to cause it to send a full report using the following actionscript:

notify client ForceRefresh

Right clicking on a computer in the console and choosing Send Refresh sends the client a UDP notification to send a full report. This will only work if the client is awake and can get UDP notifications.

The actionscript above does not have this limitation, it will happen when the client either gets a UDP notification to run the action, or when it does a poll for commands, or when it does a gather.

You need to be careful when forcing clients to send a Full Report. If this is done simultaneously to a very large number of clients, it could cause your root server and relays to get backed up with lots of reports to process if they are not fast enough to handle it.