Webreports - BF protection

Hello all

I’ve created a report in Webreports for BF Core protection which has the below columns -

Computer name, domain, program version, virus scan engine and pattern versions, last pattern update, detected virus, auto update enabled and finally OS

I also have 3 charts, which the client requires to have a quick view of current status, the pie charts are -
Program Version, AV Pattern Version and Last Pattern update

Report runs good for table version export in csv, does not work for html and the alignments re completely out of whack for PDF.

Is there anyway I can edit the report to align the 3 charts side by side across an A4 PDF and also the table underneath it.

Happy to provide output of report.

/jgstew I’ve seen your sample and looking for something like that for the 3 charts, not too fussed about the table but editing the propoerties for the 3 charts above, I only get the Program Version populated.

We’re on version

Happy to provide any additional details. Thanks HJ