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Have you downloaded the IEM integration plugin from If not , try this out following instructions at in tab "Connect IEM to"
Do you find it useful?
Help us in improving the integration providing your feedback…

We have received several valuable suggestions on how to expand the capabilities, we would like to hear your advice on how to prioritize our backlog, so please help us and vote your favorite RFE from the following list:

  1. Share Baselines
  2. Share Dashboard and Wizard
  3. Easily retrieve your own published content.
  4. Publish content directly from IEM console.
  5. Extract ActionScript from content published , so it can be shared on its own ( as done for relevance).



! Dashboards & Wizards !

Dashboards and Wizards

Dashboards and Wizards

I’d like to be able to Publish content directly from IEM console, but even better, I’d like to have a nice API so I can publish content from (python) scripts that are putting content in the console in the first place.

Take a look at the new user profile page on we added

–Most downloaded content for the user
–View of all uploaded content
–View of site owned
–View of latest user’s activity

Give us your feedback :wink:

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