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I have upgraded my bigfix from 9.2 to 9.2.6 and I am trying to access web UI. There is no relevant fixlet to enable web ui in the below path Bigfix Management>BES Component Management > webUI. I have installed bigfix in windows server 2012 machine. Please let me know some solution for this.

Deploy the Enable WebUI task on the server



Hi Suresh,

Thanks for your link.

Now I am able to get the login page and I have given full permissions to Administrator account to access webUI but after login with Administrator credentials I am getting following screen. Please let me know how to resolve this.

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Oops, sorry I didn’t see this…

This is a bit odd. Is “administrator” a master operator in your deployment? If you look on the thick console for the user permissions doc, what do you see (maybe post a screenshot)?

Is it something like this:

Hi dexdexdex,

Thanks for your reply.

In my scenario the Administrator which I used to login webUI is the master operator and I have given permission to Administrator to access WebUI. Please find it in below screenshot and after login it will webUI console for one second and then it is showing this page.

you can find 403 in the url may be this is forbidden error but I have given enough permissions.

OK, let’s go one level deeper then and reveal some inner workings of the WebUI while we’re at it…

There’s an (internal) API that we can query that basically generates information about what permissions a particular WebUI user has…

This URL is: https://YOUR_SERVER_IP:52315/api/session

What you SHOULD see is something like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<BESAPI xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="BESAPI.xsd">
   <Session Resource="https://solomon.sfolab.ibm.com:52315/api/session">

The key that we’re looking for is under the <Applications> node… that defines what app permissions a given user has in the WebUI… in your case, I would expect to see nothing.

Try it and report back to us!


Hi dex,

I am able to see similar things like what you are getting over there except sample2 under applications.

I think it is redirecting because when I login initially it will open the WebUI console but after 1 second or less than that time it will redirect to the forbidden error page.

OK, I’ll take one more shot at this, but this is starting to approach IBM PMR status (although this is pretty good debugging information for other people that might see something like this)…

See this excellent @jgstew post on how to get PMR help: How to ask for IBM product help: PMRs, RFEs, and more

FIRST, let’s get logs to see if there’s any clue as to what’s happening. Try logging in a couple of times and getting to the 403 error, then immediately copy everything in your WebUI logs directory (by default it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\WebUI\logs

Next, I would stop the root server service, then delete everything in the WebUI directory. Start the root server service again and wait a while for all the WebUI services to come online, the ETL process to finish caching things, and try logging in afterwards. This is a safe operation to do, you’re essentially just deleting all the cached WebUI things. WebUI will restore itself immediately afterwards.

If after restarting you still aren’t able to login properly as user “Administrator”, let’s try taking this to a PMR and figuring it out there.



I have deleted all the folders in webUI directory and started root server but still the same situation.

I have raised a pmr 15 days back but still I didn’t get any solution from the team.

Hey Soma-

If you poke me back with the PMR number I can try to do some following up on this on your behalf.



PMR 26458,756,000

Sweet. Let me try to use my BigFix superpowers to grease the wheels a little bit for you (since this is one of the first bugs on the WebUI I’ve seen outside of development / QA efforts here)…

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@soma can you please re-validate the issue at hand? That is, can you try going to once again. There is a known issue that when the the webui server is not ready, it might redirect you to this 403 page. (this is just a shot in the dark - but worth a try).

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how did you resolve this pls ?