Sudden reduction of machines from automatic group


I have recently observed that the number of endpoints from my automatic group has decreased by 3K.

We have not made any changes to the group’s relevance. Also to add, there is a weird thing that may or may not be related but I see all my automatic groups have almost similar kind of number.
For e.g
earlier I used to have 25K endpoints but now I have 22K and all other automatic groups have almost the same count as well.

I would appreciate a quick help on this as it is hampering my production deployment.


The first thing to do is to determine what happened – did the machines get deleted from the console? Are they no longer relevant for the group?

You’ll want to find a machine you think should be in the group and isn’t before you can really start troubleshooting this.

Also, if there is an urgent production impact, you should file a PMR.

I have tried looking into the client logs but nothing helps. Also trying to get the debug log for few machines after removing from the group.

Will see if that helps and will also try to open a PMR.

PMR will take sometime for the proper response, hence I would really appreciate if somebody can share their experience if any for this scenario.