SOLVED: Issue with folders "..." of folders on Mac OS


I’m currently seeing an issue with the 9.5.1 Mac Agent and QnA where doing this no longer works:

folders "Documents" of folders of folder "/Users"

In 9.1.1257.0:

Q: folders "Documents" of folders of folder "/Users"
A: /Users/localadmin/Documents
A: /Users/sadmin/Documents
A: /Users/strawgate/Documents
A: /Users/strawgateadmin/Documents

In 9.5.1:

Q: folders "Documents" of folders of folder "/Users"
E: The expression could not be evaluated: 

In this case, if the folder “Documents” only exists in some (not all) of the folders within /Users then I receive the “Expression could not be evaluated” error.

In this specific case the issue is brought forward by the lack of a Documents folder in /Users/Shared. Once I make a Documents folder in /Users/Shared, I receive the same results in both the 9.1.1257.0 and 9.5.1 agents.

As a workaround, this does work on 9.5.1:

folders whose (name of it is "Library") of folders of folders "/users"

Seems fine for me:

Q: folders "Documents" of folders of folder "/Users"
 A: /Users/Guest/Documents
 A: /Users/rusty/Documents
 T: 372

 Q: version of folder "/Library/BESAgent/"
 A: 9.5.1
 T: 3684

I have a /Users/Shared folder with no Documents folder under it, too.


I’ll see if there is another factor here that I’m missing!


I should have also included that I’m testing this on 10.11.4. Not sure OS would make a difference, but interesting results none the less.

This was fixed in BigFix 9.5.3

See here: Plural relevance issue on macOS - BigFix v9.5.2.56