Rest api

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I’m using the REST API to initiate a task using the following xml file:









  <Parameter Name="key">UID</Parameter>

  <Parameter Name="value">6B1F42403DCA7CED85257C770071CEA9</Parameter>

  <Settings />

If I submit with an operator that don’t have the “Custom Content” privilege the action fails with the following error:

API Request Failed: Access is denied

If I do the same operation (starting task 7801 against computer
using the console with the same operator, I’m able to execute it without a problem.

Is this a bug on the API or I’m doing something wrong? My intention is to have an automation ID that can only execute a fixed set of actions, but no create custom content.



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This definitely sounds like a permissions issue / bug in the API.

I don’t think I have come across this same one, but I have definitely come across many inconsistencies between what is possible through the API vs in the console.

More granular permissions are definitely needed across the board for controlling access to the API / console.

I would recommend filing a PMR & an RFE on this issue. Note the PMR # in the RFE and link to this post in both, then link to the RFE here so I can vote on it and so others can do the same.



@gearoid, it seems that this is a bug previously.

I am currently using IEM 9.2, is this fixed?

Yea you shouldn’t have problems posting and setting parameters on actions in the REST API.
The approach is widely used both by other applications within IEM and system integrations.