Report for baselines and the status of fixlet success or failure on endpoints

We have a large group of clients getting OS patch every month via bigfix. To accomplish this we create several baselines and take action on different large computer groups. However, some of these actions fail with particular fixlets in the baselines issued. I’m curious to know if its possible to get a web report of the fixlets that are failing most often in these baselines and what their exit code is when they fail. This will help us troubleshoot by determining if there may be a relevance issue or an issue with the endpoint.

Thanks in advance!

I think this will get you close. Create an action report, and set the source type to “baseline”. You may also need to filter on the action site to which it originated in, or the operator’s site (depending if your MO or not).

Add “failed” to the fields and sort on that.

Then you can click on the baseline names. You should be able to drill down to the content you want. Exit Codes and all.

any better solution to this approach? please advise.

Sure. This comes up in the forum pretty frequently.

Here it is from yesterday

And here from a few months ago

There are lots more, those are just the first couple I found with a forum search.

@JasonWalker I’m aware of these approaches, But the OP is referring to getting exit codes for every sub action under a baseline action? please suggest, I need a similar solution in my environment.

(id of action of it , name of action of it | "n/a" , name of computers of it | "n/a", detailed statuses of it) of results of bes actions whose (time issued of it > (now - 30 * day))

this does get the sub-actions. I see now you’re looking for the numeric return codes of each sub action? Try this out

(id of action of it , name of action of it | "n/a" , name of parent group of action of it | "single action", name of computers of it | "n/a", detailed statuses of it, exit code of it as string | "no exit code") of results of bes actions whose (time issued of it > (now - 1 * day))

“name of parent group of action of it” will give the baseline name (if the action is a baseline member), and “exit code of it as string” gives the numeric return value

Thanks for the prompt response, the first query is not giving the exit codes for the sub action and the second one throws “The operator “exit code” is not defined.”

What version of BigFix are you using?

This property was introduced in 9.5.7…

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ah makes sense, I’m running a lower version. I will upgrade and test this approach.

Thanks much @JasonWalker