Relevance vs Applicability in v10

Has anyone noticed odd behavior in v10 in relation to relevant fixlets vs applicable servers?
When I take a look at some server for relevant Microsoft patches, I usually highlight Low-Crit and add them to baselines. Now when I do that I still get a list of patches, but they are all grey, and the Applicable Computer count is 0/x.

This is is a 2+ yr old auto group with legacy servers. Since the patches came out 2 weeks ago, all applicability should be fully run by now. I know for a fact that most of these patches are not relevant/applicable to this group as it should only need May patches (this one is very monitored). My concern is that I am putting patches into this baseline that are not needed/relevant. I want a clean baseline.

Note: The relevant patches still apply fine, even though applicability stays at 0.

I wonder if this is a caching issue with your console. Have you tried clearing the cache and restarting the console?

This is a known issue of the BigFix Console v10.
The root cause is the same as Group info incorrect after upgrade to v10.
The fix will be included in BigFix 10 Patch 1, which is tentatively planned for beginning of Q3 (uncommitted plan).

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Ah good. Thanks for confirming this is a known issue.