Group info incorrect after upgrade to v10

After upgrading to v10.0.0.0 we are seeing some weird bug with the groups.

In Computer Groups, I see the group and it’s members showing correctly in the count column. However all of the relevant fixlets are greyed out and it shows 0/10 in the Applicable Computer Count column.

If I take action on any of those greyed out fixlets it does show the members of the computer group that it’s relevant for. So i can proceed to install.

If I go back to the console and look at Computers, and then By Groups, that same group shows a (0) next to it indicating there is no membership. However I click that group and it shows all of the members. What’s weird is that all of the relevant fixlets are showing correctly. None are greyed out using this view.

These are all automatic groups.
The clients have been upgraded to v10 if compatible, otherwise they are still 9.5.14 if older OS.

I created another group that has members of OS containing Win, and yet that displays everything correct everywhere. It’s just these groups that contain a custom property that are not working properly, even after creating a new property.

Is this a bug? anyone experiencing this?

This sounds like a possible Console bug and would need to be investigated. Please, open a support case.

I’m not seeing either of those behaviors on my v10 deployment.

Can you try clearing your console cache, via File->Preferences, click the “Clear Cache” button, and then close & re-open the Console?

That hasn’t worked. I will log a support case. Thanks guys

fyi, this has been acknowledged as a defect and developers will work on it

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