Register new computers on bigfix console

Hi all,

I installed the Bigfix client on more than 200 servers using the BigFix Client Deploy Tool. After the instalation a can´t see these servers on BigFix Console.

I need execute some process on BigFix Console to see these servers?


Based on the hostnames I think you’re coworker may have figured this out at GetURL failed - General transport failure. - BAD SERVERNAME

It seems your BigFix deployment was set up with a short name rather than a fully-qualified hostname, and your clients may not be resolving the hostname correctly.

You probably need to either update the clients’ DNS Suffix Search Order, or add DNS Aliases, so the clients reach the root server on its short name.

Yes JasonWalker, the same issue.

I edited the hosts files in more two servers end they can see the server vwbransvilmt02.

I-m checkin with the internal team to check this


Having proven the problem is name resolution, I’d still try to avoid manual HOSTS file updates. That would be an ongoing maintenance problem in the future.

If this is a brand-new deployment, I’d start over, changing the license to reference a fully-qualified host name for the root server, that can be resolved in DNS.

Another option would be to use the BESAdmin tool to define a “Last Fallback Relay”, which should be a fully-qualified DNS name that points to either a Relay that all clients can resolve and reach, or the fully-qualified name to the root server itself.

You could also add DNS Aliases to whatever domains your clients have in their DNS Suffix Search Order (see /etc/resolve.conf) so the short name resolves to your clients. That may mean multiple aliases if your clients have different DNS search orders.

Or you can define a manual relay or manual relay list in the advanced options of the Client Deploy Tool,so the clients register with a specific (resolvable) relay when they are installed.

Could you help me with the option that I can use to define a “Last Fallback Relay”?

I have the option bellow on BESAdmin.

What version of BigFix are you running?