Regex to find files with social security numbers

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Hi all,

I would like to create a property to identify PCs with SSNs on their C drive to ultimately run reports on PCs with sensitive data. I have not had any luck and would like to get some input on what I have tried. Thanks! :slight_smile:

parenthesized part 1 of matches (regex ("^(?!000)([0-6]\d{2}|7([0-6]\d|7[012]))([ -]?)(?!00)\d\d\3(?!0000)\d{4}$")) of lines of folder"c:\"

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This would be extremely slow and expensive relevance, and generally a very bad idea unless you are scanning a particular file or folder for some reason. Doing this would negatively impact the client in a significant way.

This would be the general form of what you are looking for, assuming your regex is correct:

parenthesized part 1 of matches (regex ("^(?!000)([0-6]\d{2}|7([0-6]\d|7[012]))([ -]?)(?!00)\d\d\3(?!0000)\d{4}$")) of lines of descendants of folder β€œtemp” of root folder of drive of system folder

You would be much better off running a periodic task that would run a program to do this for you and output the results to a file.