RedHat Firewall is Blocking BES Traffic - Add RHEL 7

Hello everyone,

I have raised a PMR in order to update the fixlet “RedHat Firewall is Blocking BES Traffic” to support RHEL 7 but they told me that this is an enhancement and not an issue.

So can you guys pls check if it would be applicable to you and then upvote the RFE:

Many Thanks

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So, I just looked at the existing “RedHat Firewall is Blocking BES Traffic - BES Client” fixlet in the “BES Support” site (v1,390), and it still does not reference RedHat 7 in it’s Relevance Clauses.

Its not as simple as it sounds but do vote on the RFE. There are multiple firewalls on RHE7 so thats part of the issue

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