Patches for Mac OS X site and Big Sur

Does anyone have any idea when the Patches for Mac OS X will include fixlets for Big Sur?

We are working on it and it is planned for Q1, 2021.


Thanks. Doing some planning.

Whats the supported agent version for Big Sur ?

MacOS 11 Big Sur x86_64 is supported by the Agent starting from 10.0.2 and 9.5.17.

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Out of curiosity, is Big Sur reporting as 10.16.x or 11.x.x on BF client 10.0.2 ?

The 10.0.1 (and 9.5.14) BES client will run (possibly, sub-optimally) on Big Sur in my experience, but it reports the OS version as 10.16.x

BES Client 10.0.2 reports macOS 11.x for Big Sur.

@mattporter About the 10.16 vs. 11 thing, this post may help clarify:

Cool, thanks. It looks like I need to update some site subscription relevance and some other content to account for turning it up to 11…

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