Order to apply fixlets - source release date

We have some machines that we recently adding bigfix patching to that have a number of outstanding relevant older fixlets.

What is the best order to apply the fixlets in to get the devices caught up for the best success? Is it better to use the source release date of the fixlet to order the fixlets so that they will apply with the newest released fixlets first and oldest last or oldest released fixlets first and newest last?

Any help would be appreciated.

Unless you have heavy bandwidth or maintenance window constraints I wouldn’t worry too much about patch order.

Generally anything super old has been superseded and won’t apply anyway.

If you haven’t seen it, Windows 7 and Windows 2008r2 have a “Baseline” patch you can apply to bring all your machines up to 2016/05 patch levels see: Time to re-do your Windows 7 and Server 2008r2 Patching Baselines!

After that you can just apply patches normally.