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Running into an issue with: Office 365 Version 16.0.16731.20674 Available - Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel - Office 365 (English (United States)).

At first, when I tried to patch, it was pending downloads for a long time, when I checked what was happening, it said “The requested URL does not pass this deployment’s download whitelist” on every component this fixlet was trying to download. I got around this by adding: “*” to Whitelist.txt. After the components downloaded, I then got a Disk Limited message on the device. I get the message below when I click on the Device in the Action. The action was not set to precache, and neither of these settings show up when I click Edit Computer Settings on the Device.

“The download size exceeds the maximum value set in the client setting _BESClient_Download_PreCacheStageDiskLimitMB if the action is marked for pre-caching or in the client setting _BESClient_Download_NormalStageDiskLimitMB if the action is marked for normal downloads. The setting can be modified through the Edit Computer Settings dialog.”

I’ve moved this to a new topic because it’s not really relevant to the release-announcement, I think.

It looks like the download is simply larger than either your configured cache size at the client, or larger than the free space available on the disk entirely. You should check for the two referenced client settings, and if they’re not configured then set them and make sure they are large enough to handle the download.

Reading the actionscript on this one, it looks like the download is almost 3 GB, so that should definitely need larger settings than the defaults for download caching.

Interesting, this is the first time I’ve ran into this situation. I don’t use caching in my actions. Neither of those settings show up in computer settings, so I set _BESClient_Download_NormalStageDiskLimitMB to 10GB on my test system. Ran a new action, and the install ran and completed after that. It was also interesting I had to add the download link to Whitelist, which is rare. Thanks!

Yeah,.taking a closer look at the Fixlets there is something going on there.

Do you normally use a network share source for Office updates? I see there was some change around that area as well

We don’t use Network Share currently.

Ran some more tonight on some Windows 10 systems, and it completed fine. These did have _BESClient_Download_PreCacheStageDiskLimitMB set to 5GB. I actually had an open action set up to set that setting. I need to figure out why it didn’t apply to the earlier systems, but that would have at least prevented the Disk Limited issue. Thanks!


We also noticed different behavior using the network share option to update semi and monthly channels.

I saw the reply to my initial post:


This is an expected behavior as we have changed Prefetch Statement to Prefetch Block. This change was performed to have only one architecture get downloaded for a System. If its x64 it will download only x64 and likewise. The previous format even with conditional Architecture change downloaded both the architectures. It will work with N/S as previous version.



Although the new process was supposed to download only one architecture instead of both like the previous one did, I never had to increase the precache before, which I have had to do this time.

The previous behavior would immediately start the Microsoft Download pop up window and begin pulling the data from the network share.

The new behavior the workstation is in a pending download state, apparently pulling data directly from Microsoft not the share.

The pending download takes forever before the pop window appears.

What is also odd is after the workstation has successfully completed it then becomes relevant for configure the source of Office 365. All our workstations have already had this set before the Office network share update is pushed to them. So, the new fixlet must change the source of the update.

Is this really using our share at all for this update now, or just pulling everything to the client from the internet (Microsoft) and then updating?

Can we go back to the old 365 Office 365 network share update?



Yes I see from internal notes that we should be reverting to the earlier behavior shortly

Thanks for the quick reply Jason. Great Support again!!


Hi Jason,

What is the value needed to add with _BESClient_Download_PreCacheStageDiskLimitMB for this download. Also, can this be updated globally or do we need to do it for computer?