New update in BigFix OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging site v102 - Windows 11 support

On October 5th, 2021 Microsoft launched Windows 11. Today BigFix OS Deployment is joining the others BigFix applications that are Windows 11 ready.
For more information on BigFix Windows 11 readiness, please see our blog post at:

BigFix OS Deployment can be used to create a seamless user experience upgrading workstations to Windows 11.

More in details BigFix OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging site has been updated to support the deploy of:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows 10 21H1

Moreover, the new WADK for Windows 11 (build 22000) is now supported in the MDT Bundle.

In this new release we have fixed the following Defect Articles:

  • KB0092875: Bundle Media Manager: Sync in MDT Bundle Creators table crashes.
  • KB0093243: Wrong documentation about PXE standard support.

Finally, all the Flash based dashboards (already deprecated) have been removed from the OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging site.

Published version:

  • OSD Bare Metal Server version 310.95
  • OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging, version 102.

Is the WADK for Windows 11 22H2 available yet? I installed the MDT bundle creator on a new OSD device but only WADK for Windows 11 (build 22000) seem to be available at present. So I can perform OSD imaging up to Win11 22H1. Errors on creating MDT bundle and OS resource for Win11 22H2
Also, If I manually install the latest WADK from Microsoft, do I need to change the installation path or will the default install location suffice?
Thank you

Hi Baltus,
the support for the latest WADK will be available in next OSD release, at the moment, planned for the end of June.
Anyway you could continue to use the previous WADK also to image Win 11 22H2


Hi Riccardo
I am able to create the MDT bundle for Win11 22H2, but it fails on the upload afetr I specifythe MDT bundle name. See below
Process works 100% for the latest Win11 22H1 also released on our VLSC in April 2023

Also to add.
It actually creates the MDT bundle file, but not the OS resource. If I run the MDT bundle creator again and select OS resource only, I get the same error

the OS resource for Windows 11 22h2 cannot be created via the latest MDT Bundle Creator version that is 3.10.41 (it has been released before Windows 11 22h2) by the way you can correctly create the Windows 11 22h2 OS resource importing its ISO image: this will create both the Windows 22H2 setup image and its OS resource (that can be then also used to the deploy the capture image as well).
If you already created the MDT Bundle 3.10.41 based on WADK for Windows 11 (21H2), the folder Operating Systems\W11X64SP0 must be deleted before importing it or this will make the import process to fail, as reported in the error that you are seeing.
So, after deleting that folder if present, you can import the MDT Bundle 3.10.41 based on WADK for Windows 11 (21H2) and you can import the ISO image of Windows 11 22H2 to have its OS resource created, and the MDT Bundle 3.10.41 should then be able to properly deploy and capture Windows 11 22H2.

Thank you Sergio
I have imported the ISO image and will test after I have created a profile. Once the new bundle creator is released I will update the process.
Thanks for all the assistance