New BigFix Labs Dashboards

We are excited to announce a preview of 3 new dashboards that will be added to the BigFix Labs site:

Dashboard that allows users to specify maintenance window configuration based on date, week of month, day of week, or even offset from specific week and day of the month (i.e. 2 days after “patch Tuesday”)

Gives user ability to wrap any custom shell, powershell or batch script in a task. It escapes all the special BigFix Action script characters appropriately.

Provides new way of doing automated patching through user defined patch channels (guide here )

You can download these dashbobards and place them directly into your custom sites (Tools -> Add Files To Site…) or load it into your BigFix console session though the debug menu (Debug -> Load Wizard…).


Sample JSON text is missing from the documentation for Patch Channel dashboard.

Could I request the ability to support two separate maintenance schedules for servers to be maintained at the same time?

Use Case:
Organization has policy that all Critical updates be applied in 72hrs, but Important is within 10 days of availability.

Today we have to set the schedule for the first week of Critical, then remove the schedule after its run, and then set the schedule for Important.

I am sure there are other use cases where organizations have separate OS and 3rd party schedules, etc.

  • for ease of use and ability to know the schedule it would be nice to have a separate “Maintenance” parameter for the 2nd window to know when it is in Maintenance window or not.
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Good catch! I have updated the doc with the sample channels.

Our current maintenance window dashboard supports multiple weeks/days a month but if I am understanding you correctly, you are referring to having 2 (or more) separate sets of maintenance window values for each system. This would also mean 2 (or more) different retrieved properties etc.

We could certainly add something like that in a new version of this dashboard (especially if there is demand for something like this).