Msiexec 1605

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I have an msi that I’m trying to uninstall with BigFix. The problem i’m seeing is that the BES log file is reporting back and error code of 1605 when I execute the msiexec /x {{guid} command.

From what I can tell, 1605 means that when the msi was originally installed with the option of “Just Me” for the user to install under, and that prevents any other user from uninstalling it (including system).

I have only tried this on a win2008r2, but would imagine I would have the problem no matter was OS i’m running. Has anyone seen this before, and found resolution? thanks

I’m in the same boat. Funny part is that the app (BlueJeans) was installed with Bigfix, so if I understand correctly, the uninstall would be in the same context.

Hello jasonrw,

Per User MSI installs are a special kind of special. So special that when I was doing Software Distribution with BigFix with IBM, they were absolutely forbidden.

If your install was in user context, then the uninstall would need to be in the same user context.
So the user who was logged on during the prior BigFix install would need to be logged on to Uninstall.

You might be able to setup relevance that detects the HKey Current User uninstall string when the appropriate user is logged on and then execute using the OVERRIDE to gain the user’s context for the MSIEXEC /x {GUID} /qn command.


I was unaware of the OVERRIDE option. I can look into it and give that a try.


can you give me the overide command
im having the same issue with using

waithidden cmd.exe /C MsiExec.exe /X{{GUID} /qn /norestart

it keeps failing. code 1605

override is an action script command.