How to migration Custom WebReports to another environment?

How to export custom WebReports and import it another same version TEM WebReportServer?
I use TEM8.2.1400.0
There is over 30 Custom WebReports, and it’s hard to make same custom reports to create manually…

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is a way to export them using any built in functionality, but you can just run the custom report, and then right-click the webpage, View Source, select all the page’s content, paste it into a doc and give it the .besrpt extension and then import that. You are able to import the .besrpt file on web reports under Report List. Import report is an option on the top left of that page.

While we cannot export the reports in batches, there is a better way to export that will include your report name, the source, and also the filters that might have been configured.

Once you’ve configured the report exactly how you like it, we can generate the XML for the report so that you can import into another BigFix Web Reports instance.
Open up your Web Developer / Web Console / JavaScript debugger in the Browser and enter:
WR.PrintReportXML(). Here’s an example of what will be output:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
  <Name>Example Report</Name>  

Save this as a .beswrpt file, and you should be able to import into another system and preserving the report configurations.

I use FireFox, and here is an example screen to hopefully make the notes easier to understand.
Export report screen shot