How do you enable the Technician Mode in the ClientUI

How do you enable the Technician Mode in the BigFix ClientUI?

What is meant by a “Technician” user of the UI?

This relates to: _BESClient_ActionManager_HistoryModeTech

This is the history mode displayed to a "Technician" user of the UI.



This might be the answer I’m looking for:

But this doesn’t seem to do anything, which may be due to the lack of the _technician.html file on the client I’m testing on.

It still isn’t clear to me how you are supposed to access the technician specific history, if possible.

In my experience you need the technician.html for the technician tab to appear.

I dont know that ive ever messed with the history mode though.

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What is the _BESClient_ActionManager_HistoryModeUser setting set to? If the _BESClient_ActionManager_HistoryModeUser is set to None, then the client will not record history information.

If both or either had been set to None then history would not have been recorded.

Set both to something, restart the BES Client service, and see if history starts to record with use of the UI

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Neither were set to anything, but the Config Settings page states that the User one defaults to UI and the Tech one defaults to All so it seems like I shouldn’t have to change anything to get it to collect the history if that was the case. I set the User setting to All for my machines so I’ll see what happens.

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I figured that might be the case. I’ll have to play around with it. Seems like it would be nice if there were some sort of default one in place.

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Agreed. I’ll look into this some more on my end and see if more documentation about these settings could be released.

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The only things that change when entering Technician Mode is the visibility of the Technician’s dashboard (if you have one defined) and visibility of actions in the Progress tab. I haven’t tried it without a Technician’s dashboard defined, but I’d expect the Progress tab changes would still occur. I see different action display options on the Progress tab when in Technician Mode in my test env.

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