How Do I View The Entire Relevance Query Response?

Hello again

So I am in the beginning stages of developing a custom web report. I’ve started off by trying to evaluate a simple relevance query using javascript. What I have so far is this:

var query = 'properties whose (direct object type of it as string starts with "bes")';
  var response = EvaluateRelevance(query2);
  console.log("Relevance failed");

“response” contains an array containing a ton of inspectors, but i’m not sure if it is displaying everything. At the end of the giant array which makes up the response, there is a “…”. Does this mean that there are more results? If so, how can i view these results?

Try the same query in WebReports QNA or in the Session Relevance Tester or the Presentation Debugger and compare the results.

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Hey it was my mistake, it was just the console in chrome wasn’t displaying all the results. Everything in the query was really returned. I’ve heard of the Session Relevance Tester, but what is WebReportsQNA and Presentation Debugger? Could you link me?

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jgstew == too fast. too helpful

  • Session Relevance Tester:
  • WebReportsQNA: http://webreportsurl:port/cgi-bin/webreports/webreports.exe?page=QNA
  • Put in your WebReports server host & port
  • Or basically, visit WebReports and then change the page to QNA: ?page=QNA
  • Presentation Debugger:
  • Open the console
  • check show debug menu box
  • open the debug menu
  • Click on Presentation Debugger
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