Google Chrome 120.0.6099.63 download issue

This fixlet needs to be updated please:

Download error: "Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 590a02762a8da971222209eb280b8ceacdc9bfbe does not match actual sha1 a745c9def40d971a5ee57ab3530c217d1d8fd142"
Download error: “Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 a7082f07eaefb21bbbd380dc3b55dc9e853ea95a does not match actual sha1 7a9ae4706958edac4ca7a65b1b3bcb315dbca6ef”


Google already released a new version, and because they always replace the binary at the download URL with the latest version, the thing we’re downloading now is already higher than 120.0.6099.63 and the hashes don’t match our expected version.

You’ll either need to wait on our next Fixlet publish (and then quickly get the download cached before Google replaces it again), or, if you’re willing to “just install whatever version is available” and not verify the hash, you could use the task I posted at to download & install whatever version of Chrome is currently hosted.

If you do want to continue verifying hashes on the download (which I’d recommend; my version without the hash verification could be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks that replace the download), then you have to get each given version of Chrome downloads cached before Google replaces them. We discussed one method of doing that at How to handle Google Chrome? where I proved out using the BESDownloadCacher to precache the Chrome installation onto the root server; this could be run through the Task Scheduler to check for Chrome updates several times a day, if needed. That way, whatever version of Chrome fixlet you try to deploy, the download should already be cached on the root server and it won’t matter if Google replaces it with a higher version.

Ok, I couldn’t help myself. Here’s a new task I just uploaded to, that will download the BESDownloadCacher and then use the Download Cacher to precache Google Chrome downloads.

The task is built to run on the BigFix Root Server running on Windows (if you have a need for this on a Linux-based root let me know and I’ll look into it). To make sure we don’t miss a Chrome version update, recommend running this at least once a day and preferable 2-4 times a day; this can be done with the action settings ‘Reapply while Relevant, waiting 6 hours between reapplications’.

Every time the action runs, it will download and precache the current x32 and x64 versions of Chrome (even if it’s already been downloaded), so expect ~ 200 MB of downloads each time.