Content Modification: Updates for Windows Applications published 2023-11-27

BigFix has modified content in the Updates for Windows Applications site.

New :

  • 4001269 Notepad++ 8.6 Available
  • 4001266 Notepad++ (x64) 8.6 Available


  • 5055634 .NET Core Runtime 3.1.11 Available (x64) (Superseded)
  • 5055632 .NET Core Runtime 3.1.11 Available (Superseded)
  • 4001267 Notepad++ 8.5.8 Available (Superseded)
  • 4001264 Notepad++ (x64) 8.5.8 Available (Superseded)

Reason for Update:

  • New update for Notepadd++
  • Updated .Net to remove False Postive.

Important Note:

  • None.

Published Site Version:

  • Updates for Windows Applications, Version: 2051

Additional Links:

Application Engineering Team
HCL BigFix

Could you please give Notepad++ for 32-bit app a look (Fixlet ID 4001269)?

The relevance is showing :

not (x64 of operating system OR ia64 of operating system)

Looks like this line was added more recently.

64-bit OS can have the 32-bit app installed. In my testing, once I remove this piece of relevance, the fixlet becomes relevant across many machines in our environment.


The latest Chrome fixlet is not working.


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