DSA Implementation

Continuing the discussion from Implementing DSA:
We are running with the Single instance Bigfix Server Architecture in our enviornment. Now the requirement comes that we have to Implement DSA for the same . The Master Bigfix server has Lifecycle management,Security and Compliance Management and Core Protection module installed and configured .
I should implement these components in the new Bigfix servers too ?


No it is not required.

Thanks for the response mayank but I was not able to see any button in the console expect “All Content” when I login into the Secondary IEM server …

Are the databases successfully replicating when you look at the BigFix Admin tool?

I was able to see the replication is running in the Administration tool but not able to see the databases level of replication is happening .Attaching the screenshot from Secondary server .

How about from your Primary server?

It looks good in primary server too.