Changing the default 52311 port

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This is a noob question

Is it possible to change the UDP port the bigfix clients, relays, and servers use to communicate to something else without requiring a redeployment of BigFix?

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That’s correct, you can’t change the port without redeploying the software.

Is this still the case? With version 9.2 is the only way to update the listener port for the BES Web Reporter to redeploy the application?

Web Reports port can be changed, and it does not run on the same port as the server, agents and relays.
This documentation shows how you can change it to 443 in combination with using SSL - but the same can apply without using SSL!/SS63NW_9.2.0/

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I just went through another re-install, having set
in the silent install response file, for example, not the real port.

The resulting Server.log file even seems to recognise this with: -
IEM_DS_TEMS_PORT : 52311 --> 7651

But after the install, there’s nothing listening on port 7651, but there is the usual listener on 52311.
Also, this is a remote Unix type host, without X windows, so the referenced document doesn’t help me update the port number after deployment.
Also, the generated client RPM seems to have 52311 coded into it, so that even if I edit the .actionsite.afxm to have port 7651 in it before installing the RPM, the file gets updated and 52311 comes back in.
Firewall changes take a long time…I could do with this port change in the silent install response file actually being adopted by the runtime.

I don’t think you can directly edit the actionsite.afxm file at all. It should be signed. If you edit it, it should be ignored completely.

You have to set the port at install time, then that port should be used in the actionsite.afxm that is generated.

Why not use 52311?

Also, you might be able to use a relay that uses port 7651 instead of 52311.

The reason why we don’t use 52311 is that a different port number was successfully used with the previous (now deprecated/unsupported) ILMT 7.5 install.
I’m allowed to put on ILMT 9.2, but we would have to go through another change process to get a different port opened to access 52311.
If the option is there in the silent install response file, the product should take heed and use the setting made.
In my opinion.
Showing that it’s read the desired parameter value in the Server.log file during install and then going “Actually, no.” is a bit like, well, either Catbert or a teen-ager, I can’t quite make up my mind which.

I was referring to the Web Reports component which can run on different ports and is not tied to the masthead.

BigFIx can run on any port that’s going to be free in your environment and will use the port set in the response file … however this can only be done once per license.
Once you’ve generated the license cert and key it cannot be changed.
If you’re reinstalling using and existing license then you must use the same port.

This document covers silent installation using the response file!/SS63NW_9.2.0/

It includes documentation on the response file settings and the server port is set using

If you’re referring to ILMT then I’d recommend you start a new thread because I think this one refers to BigFix and not ILMT.

Thank you very much.
I’ll try adding that BES_SERVER_PORT in the ILMT silent install response file, see if it makes it through when I try again tomorrow. Seems odd to have another named port property that would normally bet set to 52311 as well as the one in the installation output file for IEM_DS_TEMS_PORT - which itself seems to be derived from my setting of RSP_APP_DS_TEMS_PORT.

I’m not sure if ILMT is doing something different to normal BigFix - but no harm trying :grinning:

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