Web Reports Service Starts and then Immediately Stops

I installed Web Reports 9.2.5 on a remote server. The database is remote to the new Web Reports server. The install seemed to go very smoothly. The ODBC connection tests ok. However, the web report service starts and then immediately stops. I can’t find a log file to give me a clue.

Assuming this is Windows-based, does the service that Web Reports is running as have local admin privileges (and possibly DBO permissions on the remote database if using NT authentication?)?

Yes it is Windows-based (Server 2012). The service is using the same account that web reports is using on the root server which as been working for several years. We have an internal firewall and the database server is on the opposite side of the firewall from the new Web Reports server. I suspect that there is a port that is not being allow that should be. I can telnet on port 1433, so that isn’t the problematic port. Any idea which ports need to be open?

Aram, you were completely correct. I did not have the service account in the local administrators group. I should have checked the root server as an example.

In my defense, the instructions do not list that as a requirement.

I got web reports working locally on the server, but from a remote workstation port 8080 is being blocked. I have seen others ask the question about changing the port from 8080 to 80, but have not seen an answer other than uninstall web reports and then reinstall it. Is that the only answer?

For Web Reports you don’t need to uninstall.
That would be if you wanted to change the ports for the bigfix server, relays and agents.
Have a quick search on the forum I think I posted a link recently on this.
Edit … this one Changing the default 52311 port

Web Reports is moving from port 80 to 8080 because the new Web UI for BigFix will use 80

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Thanks gearoid! That was really helpful. I have changed the port to 80 for now, and will change it back to 8080 when 8080 is open on the internal firewall. Although, since this is a separate server from the root server, it shouldn’t matter that it is port 80. Is that correct?

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Couldn’t say for sure but you’re certainly in a better place with it on a different server.

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