BigFix.Me Sync Private Site

I see that there is support for private BigFix.Me sync sites but there doesn’t appear to be any way to create them.


Is there any information on how to create these?

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I wondered about that myself. I would guess that you would create it on the BigFix.Me site somewhere.

CC: @lattanas

The private sites that you see are available only for ISV user ( IBM business partner ) so not for regular end users. Private site feature has been designed to allow ISVs to deliver their projects built on Bigfix and restrict the access so that they enable people to download content upon offline agreement.

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I believe I qualify as an IBM business partner.

Would I be able to be included in this?

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ok, you should contact to have the authorization .

It sounds like this is meant for software vendors, but I can definitely see usefulness of this for non software vendors as well.

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I am a software vendor :slight_smile: