Bigfix License tool dashboard missing

After fresh install of IBM bigfix 9.5 on Win 2012R2 SQL express, there is no IBL license tool dashboard.

I have enabled desktop experience and updated flash player, I see the Big fix sites so Internet connection should be OK.
Any ideas appreciated. Previoulsy used IBM license metric tool v6/7, newbie to Bigfix.

I used this install guide ;

Step 67 Shows a dashboard under IBM license reporting, which is referenced in subsequent step.
My install does not show this dashboard and I can not get past this point. ANybody experience this install bug ?

That dashboard doesn’t exist in the latest ILMT v9. You should proceed from here:

You should also see something like this in your BF Console:

Ok Thanks I have carried on from there and have installed the License Metric tool.
The next step I installed agents but none of them show up in subscribed computer, (set to all computers)
I then try to define VM managers and get this error;

I have web reports working and all BIGfix services installed and working. Also checked data sources are correct.

Did you enable the default scan schedule - task 3 from Step 4: Performing Initial Configuration?

Have you followed the instructions outlined here: Troubleshooting: Enabling the VM Managers panel?

This error requires that the VM Manager Tool is installed in your environment. Usually this is done on the main BigFix server. Check that it is installed and that the task “Schedule VM Manager Tool Scan Results Upload” is targeting the system where the VM Manager Tool is running.

Thanks for your help itsmpro92, being a newbie I had these issues that are now resolved and its working;

  • NTauthority/system user requires DBCREATE
  • My internal proxy server (load balancer) was causing issue, after changing it, the sites came up.