BigFix License Exceeded Question?

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I am currently licensed for 1600. I am reaching that number and still have another department that has between 300 and 500 computers, I do not know for sure.

If I deploy to this department I will obviously exceed my license count, possibly by over 400!

I need to buy more licenses, obviously, but do not know for sure how many and it seems silly to go buy small numbers when I could make one purchase after I know what my true number (plus slack) should be.


What behavior can I expect if I exceed my license during this deployment scenario?

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?


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The experts can chime in, but I think you can go over your license count by 10%. After that, clients continue to report in, but you can’t push anything to them (I’m not sure if all clients top taking actions, or just the new ones).

So, you’re good up to 1760 deployed clients.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure that clients will register but not run jobs. Its like when your BigFix license expires. The PCs can still access the console and report in but they will not undertake any actions until the license is fixed.