BigFix Inventory: Application Update published 2020-12-10

BigFix Inventory application update

Published site version:
BigFix Inventory v10 - version 138.
(Note: site name remains IBM BigFix Inventory v9 until refreshed)

BigFix Inventory delivers increased value and demonstrates HCL’s commitment to both HCL and IBM customers.

There are four key features of HCL BigFix Inventory

  • Notification about data and catalog import failures in TODO list, optional e-mail configuration

  • Technical equivalence to IBM License Metric Tool 9.2.21
    Note: The new version is not yet certified by IBM. To view the current status of IBM validated releases refer to

  • Software Catalog version
    Added 14 new software vendors and discovery capability for 200+ software versions for number of software titles, such as Adobe, Citrix, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and VMware.

  • Security enhancements
    o WebSphere Application Server Liberty is upgraded to version
    o Several libraries including Rails are upgraded
    o Suggested updates to server configuration added in Security chapter in user documentation

To view the full list of new features and defects that were fixed in this application update, refer to the following link:

For more information about discovery capabilities, please refer to Catalog Release Notes:
To view the full catalog content, use the Software Components report in BigFix Inventory.

For current status of IBM validated releases, see

Actions needed:
To upgrade the BigFix Inventory server to application update, run the Upgrade to the latest version of BigFix Inventory fixlet from the BigFix console.

To upgrade the BigFix Inventory scanner, run the Install or Upgrade scanner fixlet from the BigFix console.

To apply new discovery capability, run the Software Catalog Update fixlet from the BigFix console and then wait for the next data import.

For more information about how to install, maintain, and use BigFix Inventory application, refer to the user documentation:

– The BigFix Inventory Team

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