BigFix Database migration from Linux / DB2 to Windows & MS SQL


can we migrate Bigfix application server from Linux / DB2 to windows with MS SQL?


I don’t think there is anything about the application that would cause an issue, but the database I’m a lot less certain about.

CC: @AlanM @joseg @Aram

It is not possible to migrate the database between DB2 and SQL (or vice versa). It would however be possible to re-install in the desired target environment and start with a fresh database, which is a fairly drastic change: it would cause the clients to reset and re-synchronize with the new database, require recreating users and any open policy actions, and migrating any custom content, etc…


Some of this could be automated with the REST API, but even then it will take some work.

@mail2vij How long have you been using the Linux/DB2 root server? How much have you done with it? The less custom content, operators, and actions you have, the less painful starting “fresh” and migrating what you can would be.

What is the reason you want to switch from Linux/DB2 to Windows/MSSQL?