BigFix Connector Help

I posted this question in the BigFix Excel Topic Connector, BigFix Excel Connector , as well but noticed it had not been updated in several months so I figured I would try here too.

If anyone has used this Excel ad-in before for Excel 2016 and gotten it to work could you explain how you did so? I have installed the add-in and under COM add-ins it shows that it is loaded. But I cannot tell that it has changed anything and I cannot figure out how to run BigFix Connector.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Open a new blank worksheet and you should see “IBM Bigfix” in the top menu. Click on that to access the connector features. This from a machine I just installed v3.3.8 on that is running Excel 2019

It still is not showing for me.

It cutoff the bottom of the image, but here it is indicating it is loading at startup.

I believe the check box should be checked though yours looks a bit strange in that the location isn’t reflecting the filename I see in mine (I installed to the default path so its bound to my user profile)


Do you have permission to access the folder its installed to? Maybe Excel defaults to a different DLL if it can’t acces the path/file of the COM add-in

That may be the issue or maybe something in group policy is preventing me from using the add-ins. I thought it was odd, but when I click the check box, hit ok, and relaunch excel, the check box is no longer checked. I’ll check that out and then update this when I find out.

While waiting to hear back about group policy, I tried adding the add-in from the installation location like in your screenshot but doing that it tells me that dll isn’t valid. Maybe I’ll need to wait for a future version release?

Try opening an elevated CMD prompt, cd to the folder containing the dll where you should also find adxregistrator.exe then try the following command

adxregistrator.exe /Install=BigFixExcelConnector.dll /privileges=admin

For me if I remove the addin in Excel and close Excel, this command re-instates and its back when I re-open Excel

I got this command from the excel connector forum posting.

I tried this method and it still is not giving me the BigFix IBM tab. I was told that we typically do prevent add-ins from functioning so i’m assuming that is the reason for the issues i’m having. If i ever find out anything different I will update this.

Verify your using the latest version from here:!/wiki/BigFix%20Wiki/page/Excel%20Connector.

I’ve used it for years without any issues, but there was an older version that I had issues getting to work in 2016 and i’m wondering if that is your issue also.

Yes, that link takes me to the same site I downloaded the version I have from.

@CBIT - I’d love to know how you got passed the dotnet issue with installing the connector?

No matter what version of .net I install, I get a dialog box that .net 2.0 is required; is there a workaround for this?

Unfortunately, we were never able to get this to work and decided we did not need it that bad since we were still able to operate normally.