BigFix Agent now runs on Apple MacOS 11 with M1 chip!

Apple has recently introduced a set of devices based on a new chip, called M1. This is also commonly referred to as Silicon, or ARM64, from the underlying architecture.
This is a big move, because for many years MacOS ran only on Intel x86-64 family processors, and Apple will progressively replace Intel chips on all new devices.

With BigFix agent version 10.0.3, BigFix has added native support for MacOS 11 running on this new chip, without the need of activating an emulation layer.
The installation package for BigFix agent 10.0.3 for MacOS 11 now contains the binaries for both Intel chip and M1 chip, and will install the correct ones based on the computer where it is being run.

Please refer to product documentation and BigFix Platform 10.0.3 announcement


As Apple released a new version of the processor named M2, it must be noted that BigFix agent 10.0.3+ runs on ARM-based MacOS computers, regardless of the version of the chipset. So the same binary runs, and is supported, on M1, and M2, and possible future version of the chipset, provided the architecture (ARM) remains the same.