BigFix 9.5 Patch 5 Agents now available

The IBM BigFix team is pleased to announce the re-release of BigFix 9.5 Patch 5 (v9.5.5.196) agents. This version provides all previously announced 9.5.5 functionality and also resolves an issue with the ‘line number’ inspector returning incorrect results identified in the original v9.5.5.193 agents. IBM recommends upgrading any existing v9.5.5.193 agents to v9.5.5.196. An updated Mac agent has been provided for consistency, even though it was not affected by this issue. The supported 9.5.5 environment will have v9.5.5.196 agents reporting to v9.5.5.193 relays, server and console.

Actions to Take

  • Upgrade any current 9.5.5 agents using the 9.5.5 upgrade fixlets now available
  • Update any current 9.5.5 BigFix Installers using the 9.5.5 Windows Installation Folders fixlet now available

The upgrade fixlets for agents are available in BES Support version 1331 (or later).


Hi Steve,

Is there a documentation that we can follow for the upgrade from 9.5.2 to 9.5.5? thanks

Looks like you’re getting help in the other thread that includes the doc links: BigFix 9.5 Patch 5 is now available