Besclient using high cpu

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We are deploying Fiberlink’s vpn solution, which uses the big fix agent. Some of our laptops are using version and besclient runs all the time at around a 7 cpu average. I’m trying to uncover some potential fixes.

I have read about besclient needing to run at normal priority because it can get starved when being run at low priority, so I guess that is out. We use Symantec Anti-virus Version 10. The checks we make are domain membership, winxp firewall status, and sav def status.

Are there any issues with SAV 10 and this version of big fix? Fiberlink does a great job at helping us tune, but we have tried several things that, in my opinion, do not lower besclient’s inflated use of system resources.

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Hi Smathe,

Could you post a procmon capture of the cpu usage? A screenshot would be fine or the actual results file.


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Thanks Tyler

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Smathe and I took this issue off-line but we were able to help fix the CPU usage spikes by adding the following BES Client setting:


Value: 300

This causes the Client to do less evaluation of action analysis which it uses to update the BES CleintUI progress, in many cases this is wasted computation and leads to the high cpu usage.

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Hi Tyler,

you mean, add _BESClient_Report_MinimumAnalysisInterval

Value: 300

to machine regedit–>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE—>SOFTWARE—>BigFix–>Settings—>Client–>



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Yes, see this kb on how to set a BES Client Setting: