Availability of BigFix Compliance Client Manager for Endpoint Protection (CMEP) App in WEBUI, published 2021-07-27

HCL BigFix is pleased to announce the release of Client Manager for Endpoint Protection (CMEP) App as part of BigFix Compliance in WebUI

Product: BigFix Compliance

Title: Availability of BigFix Compliance Client Manager for Endpoint Protection (CMEP) App in WEBUI


BigFix Compliance CMEP is an effective tool to monitor the deployment and health status of various Endpoint Protection products and provide quick remediation actions to recover needed endpoint protection. It is now available as a new WebUI App with enhanced functionality and better user experiences.

  • Consolidated Summary: Overall deployment and health status across all devices and for each endpoint protection product in various summary graphs

  • Easy Filtering: Filtering of all devices based on Operation System, Device Type or Device Group

  • Quick Action: A single click to fix frequent deployments issues such as stopped AV agent or outdated virus definition

  • Report Export: Exporting reports in PDF including various status summary graphs

  • Integration with WebUI Device: Leveraging the WebUI Device page to deploy updated virus definitions on selected devices

  • Multiple Product Support: Supporting major antivirus products from vendors such as McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, Microsoft (Defender), and Sophos

Published Sites: WebUI CMEP, version: 2

Actions to take:

  • To subscribe to the above site, you can use the License Overview Dashboard to enable and gather the site. Note that you must be entitled to the BigFix Compliance product.
  • Navigate to CMEP from the WebUI Apps drop down menu.
  • The CMEP App is available with BigFix v9.5 or v10.0.

More Information:

BigFix Compliance team

Will there be added functionality for SCM? When I hear Compliance I think of the Module itself, not endpoint anti virus compliance.

Yes, SCM app in WebUI is in the pipeline. It is still under development.

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