Any way to execute SOAP query without username/password?

I’d like to use the BFExtractToCSV tool to automatically dump a query to CSV as a scheduled task, but I really don’t want to have a username/password in the script that does so. Is there any way that using a username/password combination for this can be avoided (e.g. private/public keys, dedicated IP address, etc)?

Sorry, there is nothing in the product itself to allow you to do that.

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If you can run your query through Web Reports you can have it create the report daily and send the results by email. I have several that email me HTML content, but I think you could have it save CSV or PDF results instead.

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Thanks @greenb … I thought that would be the case, but couldn’t know for sure without asking.

Thanks, also, @JasonWalker … I know of these options but need the file to be automatically generated and acted on by an automated external process with no human interaction. The work to set up an automated process to retrieve the file from an e-mail is a little much.

I can probably get by with the existing Username/Password requirement, I just wanted to see if there was a better way. Thanks!

While retrieving a file from an email may be a bit tricky, using the same method @JasonWalker suggested (Scheduled Activities via Web Reports), you can have Web Reports automatically generate and archive a report to the filesystem. These reports could then be processed automatically without any human interaction. By default, the reports would be saved on the Web Reports server itself, but via configuration, you can modify the ArchivePath location to be anywhere (assuming the account that Web Reports is running under has the necessary permissions).


Interesting idea. Thanks @Aram!

What @Aram suggests seems to be the way to go, and is exactly what is mentioned as being used here in the later reply: ServiceNow, anyone?

Sure, @jgstew, but then the author “wrote a .net application” and things aren’t so simple anymore. I think I’ll just stick with @Aram’s suggestion of writing the files elsewhere. :slight_smile:

You misunderstand me. I wasn’t talking about the writing a .net application part. “mlmcgoug”'s reply to the thread I linked involved just outputting the data to a file like @Aram suggested. I was saying what @Aram suggested is the way to go.

You can consume the output of the WebReport with whatever you want, .Net or otherwise.

Oh, okay … your link (…2165/4) is to jhearnsberger’s response, not mlmcgoug’s (which would be …2165/6). Thanks!

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@straffin - It really wasn’t a difficult task, I promise. I do like @Aram’s suggestion though, but it would have been difficult for me with our MID server for ServiceNow sitting in a different datacenter than my endpoint manager. Very much a MacGuyver’ed solution for what we needed but it works. I was more wanting to point out the use of the reporting server rather than the other methods that were pitched at us. Hope you guys get it all worked out!

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I did see that my link was pointing to a particular reply after the fact, but it wouldn’t give me a link to mlmcgoug’s reply when I tried to fix that.