Analyzing profiler output

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Has anybody cooked up a good way to summarize the output from the profiler to make some analysis easier. When I first started this post I was thinking of something offline but maybe an analysis and a webreport might be the way to go, since you could use session relevence to look up actionsite and opsite IDs and present in English for the general operator / author population.

I’ve been considering for some time of having a system always running the profiler so I can key an eye on things more proactively, before the calls come in.

Have others done this or considered it? Was it world while or not? I guess if it was straight forward and of value Bigfix would have had it already in BES Support.



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Please see if you can use this.

It will return only results that took more than 1 second, and for the latest file.

lines whose (((following text of first ") " of preceding text of first “.” of it) as integer) >= 1) of files whose (name of it contains “usageprofiler.txt” and modification time of it = (maximum of modification times of files whose (name of it contains “usageprofiler.txt”) of parent folder of regapp “BESClient.exe”)) of parent folder of regapp “BESClient.exe”

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