AdHoc filter for Fixlets/Tasks

Does anyone have something similar to the AdHoc group wizard, but for Tasks/Fixlets?

What i’m trying to do is take a list of Tasks/Fixlets and somehow be able to easily filter on them in the console. The best way I’ve come up with so far would be to tag them with a comment via the API and go that route. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there is an easier way.

You can make a filter in the console for Fixlets/Tasks. Is there a certain set of criteria you are looking to filter them by?

What are you hoping to do with the resulting set of filtered Fixlets/Tasks?

This seems related: Split OS Patches and Product Patches on Patches for Windows external site

We are trying to work through and remediation all patches on a monthly basis to our servers, so we have created a bunch of baselines to do this. We want to add any new patches that are needed for the upcoming patching cycle.

I created a report that shows what is needed and what isn’t in our remediation baselines but I’m left with a big long list of Fixlet names. I’ll want to create a new baseline for just those. Right now I’m using a filter, with Name -> Equals -> for all of then, which tends to be a bit tedious. The thought was if I could dump them in similar to the ad-hoc group I can easily filter on them all that way. Otherwise we can use something like API/powershell to read the text file of fixlet names and add a comment to those fixlets. We can then filter on that comment to get them added easier.

If you can create a session relevance query that returns all of the fixlets you would like included in the new baseline, I have code to turn that into a baseline automatically.

See here: Automatic Baseline Creation and eventually AutoPatching