Add ability for console filters to show only items with default actions

It would be useful if a console filter could show only actions with defauts actions. This is possible with session relevance, but it isn’t possible with Console Filters.

If console filters are powered by session relevance, it would be great to be able to add a console filter item that is just arbitrary session relevance so that more advanced filters could be created.


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Bump because it’s a great idea. @jgstew did you file an RFE?

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I never did file an RFE, though one should be filed and linked here.

I have found out that Console Filters don’t seem to be powered by Session Relevance, at least not directly.

It may be possible to do this with a Console Domain Filter, which I haven’t figured out how to do yet, but they do use Session Relevance.

Yes, the different tree structures you see in each domain are defined by XML and session relevance loaded from a .BESDomain file. It is possible to create your own custom domains by creating these files based on the BESDomain.xsd in the BES Console\Reference directory. You can also look at existing ones inside the BES Support site, as a starting point.

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Then do you just put your custom one in a custom site? I’m not clear on the part of getting the console to load it.

You can load it via the Domain Debugger in the Console Debug menu, or added as a file to a site. I can’t recall if it works for custom sites, or if it requires a custom External Site (via our Lab Services team). If you test it as a custom site file, please post the results.