You have the BigFix b sticker...and you told us you want more designs!

:star2: Design Our Next BigFix Sticker Contest! :star2:

OK OK Alright Already! You said you wanted some fresh BigFix stickers, and we heard you!

Calling all BigFixers with creative minds! BigFix is excited to announce a unique opportunity for our beloved customers and dedicated employees and partners to showcase their artistic talents. Enter our sticker design contest and get a chance to see your artwork distributed as a limited edition sticker at BigFix events!

Contest Details:

  • Submission Deadline: May 10, 2024
  • Format: High-resolution .png or vector-saved .pdf
  • Color: Single or multi-color designs accepted
  • Judging: By BigFix Customer Experience on May 13, 2024
  • Winner Announcement: May 15, 2024 in the BigFix Customer Forum, BigFix Slack, and BigFix Enthusiasts group on LinkedIn and featured in the June 2024 editions of BigFix Customer and Employee Newsletters


  • Exclusive Promotion: Winner will receive a bio carousel post promotion from BigFix on LinkedIn, which you can reshare on LinkedIn and other social media channels. Your design will also be featured in both the June 2024 editions of the BigFix Customer and BigFix Employee Newsletters.

  • Sticker Pack: A pack of your own sticker design to share with friends and colleagues.

Rights and Permissions: By participating, you agree that any design you submit can be used by BigFix for promotional and other business-related purposes without any royalty or further compensation. Your work will be featured prominently as part of our branding efforts, gaining you exposure and recognition in the BigFix community.

How to Enter: Submit your sticker design by visiting this link. Let your creativity shine and be a part of BigFix’s brand story!

For more details on how to enter, visit our contest page at BigFix Sticker Design Contest - May 2024 Survey. If you want a sticker you’ll have to win the contest or join us at an upcoming event! The next event is in Los Angeles, CA USA on Tuesday May 21st.

And in a few days we’ll be announcing dates for Rome, Italy; Ohio Valley, USA; Berlin, Germany; and the greater Washington DC Area for events this summer. We have even more events coming this Fall!

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