Writing Report Data To A SQL Table

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Hello Everyone,

I am just still a bit new at BigFix and have been tasked with a specialty project as a sort of POT (Proof Of Technology) for TEM. However, I have looked over the forums and I see a few references that this can be done so any help is greatly appreciated.

We us a ticketing system known as Global Resolution Center (GRS). We want to automate a ticket creation process based on a report from TEM. The process for this is pretty simple:

TEM Generates Report > Report is populated in a SQL table > Netcool handles the rest.

So here are the key questions:

  1. Where would I create the report relevance (Web Reports?)

  2. How can I send that data to a SQL Table? (Please be specific)

  3. How do I create data relationships between the report and the SQL Table?

Again, any assistance is appreciated!

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You might be able to use the the SOAP interface to pull the required information.