Write Fixlet to install Windows Patch

I am having issues installing a recent windows patch. See below: I keep getting an error on the last step

Completed // Step 1: Download/Extract package
Completed download http://WINDOWSIIS.SERVER.COM/Windows6.1-KB2553549-v3-x64.msu
Completed // Step 2: Install Hot Fix 2553549
Completed // Install HOTFIX
Failed wait __Download\Windows6.1-KB2553549-v3-x64.msu

Another thing is that it delete my __download folder.

You can’t run an msu directly, you need to run wusa.exe to run it and tell it to be /quiet and /norestart

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What is the command I would use?

You could look at some of the IBM provided content to get the command they use.

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Here is what I did and it works fine…

// Step 1: Download/Move KB
download http://server.com/Windows6.1-KB2553549-v3-x64.msu
delete "c:\temp\Windows6.1-KB2553549-v3-x64.msu"
move __Download\Windows6.1-KB2553549-v3-x64.msu “C:\temp\Windows6.1-KB2553549-v3-x64.msu”

// Step 2: Install Hot Fix 2553549
waithidden wusa.exe C:\temp\Windows6.1-KB2553549-v3-x64.msu /quiet /norestart

action requires restart “KB2553549”


You should use prefetch instead of the download command.

The download command is not as secure and does not use the relay infrastructure to cache the downloads, which is especially bad for slow WAN links or large numbers of endpoints.