WorkIdle setting on newer computers

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Our general admin staff computers (email, office, web use) are getting pretty powerful lately. We’re getting new PCs/Macs with 2.5+GHz Quad-Core i5/i7 CPUs and these things scream.

As the baseline CPU increases, we’re thinking about boosting the TEM client WorkIdle setting to 20 or 50 (100?) to improve TEM client performance and downloading speed. We discussed checking the CPU and changing the WorkIdle setting if the CPU was above a certain level.

Has anyone done this in their environment and care to share how increasing the client WorkIdle/SleepIdle impacted users and TEM client performance?

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We have not done this but are you seeing slow performance currently? If so can you describe.

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We’re running various analyses to aid in desktop support troubleshooting and sometimes it can take a while for some results to come back. We also activate offers for software installs to clients based on group memberships and sometimes the clients are in a rush to get the offer and run it. We also get into action troubleshooting cycles where it takes a while to re-issue actions.

Nothing critical, but we figure if we can safely speed things up a bit it would same some time here and there.

29% of our clients have ave. evaluation cycle times of more than 10 minutes.

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Increasing Work/Idle ratios can have side effects on the rest of the system not just the CPU so I’d proceed with caution. You would be potentially increasing your Network and Hard Drive usage in addition to the CPU usage so you could easily cause users to not be happy.

With the increase in CPU power even the normal settings will pass through your content quicker.