Winsock Error -10 on a windows Client

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I have install the client on a windows Machine but when I check the logs I get the above winsock error and the entry in the log below:

At 14:17:11 +0530 - actionsite (

Failed downloading ‘’ as ‘__TempUpdateFilename’

FAILED to Synchronize - General transport failure. - winsock error -10 - gather url -

At 14:17:12 +0530 -

Processing action site.

How do I fix this issue? I can ping the servers FQN but cannot ping the website. If I open a browser I can connect to the site no problem.

Any ideas what causes this?


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Did you happen to check this post?

Try restarting the agent.

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Yep saw that article. Also restarted the machine. However, I check the system last night and the machine was online.