Windows Vista/7 and Office 2010 Licensing Analysis

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I couldn’t find any info on how to get this information easily, so I wrote an analysis to retrieve some data from the Windows Licensing and Office Software Protection Services. Since most of these properties are collected via WMI, you may want to extend the report interval, some are at once a day, some once an hour.

I found it for to find out what KMS servers your windows Vista/7 or Office 2010 installations are using, and if they are succesfully activating. Hopefully some of you will find it useful as well.

Included properties:

Names of licensed products

Product name of the installed products.

License State

One of the following license states: OOB Grace|Licensed|OOT Grace|NonGenuineGrace|Notification

Grace Period Expiration

Date at which the grace period ends.

Vista KMS Server Enabled

Does this machine act as a KMS host?


Activation Method

Is the client using KMS, MAK, etc…

Partial Product Key

5 digits of the product key used to activate.

KMS Server

Hostname of the discovered KMS server.

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Looks very interesting…

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this is awesome !

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This is excellent! It also works for Windows 2008/R2 if the relevance is expanded.

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very nice, it also works on 2008 non R2

name of operating system = "WinVista" or name of operating system = "Win7" or name of operating system contains "Win2008"

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I guess the relevance for the OS Analysis should really read like this …

name of operating system starts with "Win" and release of operating system as version >= "6.0" as version

That will cover Vista/Server 2008/ 2008 R2/ Win7, and whatever comes next. The relavance for the Office Analysis will already cover any version greater than or equal to 14, which should cover the next version of office too. That is if Microsoft continues to use the same licensing platform.

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This is excellent! It also works for Windows 2008/R2 if the relevance is expanded.

I forgot that 2008 used this as well. I will have to modify it and share it with our server group. Thanks.

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I have made some updates to the Office 2010 Licensing Analysis: