Windows Update - Any chance for KB948496 or any non-security content?

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Yes, i know it is not a security fix.

Is anyone else interested in BigFix providing ALL the content that windows update provides? I know there has been concern by some colleages that we are not applying all the MS patches, which, unfortunetly, they are right, we are not, since BigFix doesn’t provide non security related fixlets.

But if enough people want this…who knows…

So anyone else desire all the Windows / Microsoft Update content?

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Hi jspanitz,

A long time ago, we offered non-security patches… but several times people applied the patches and they broke things (because many non-security patches recommend you only install them if you are experiencing an issue). Additionally, other people complained that there was a lot of clutter in the console for patches that people didn’t want to apply…

Maintaining all those patches is an awful lot of work and most people seemed to not care… So we made a decision a long time ago to only offer security patches and there was very little demand for the other patches.

The most common complaint we get (which is actually not very common) is that occasionally people look at Windows Update and wonder why not every patch is in BigFix… however, if you look through the patches on Windows Update, I am guessing you will see that many of the patches you actually don’t really care about (or actually don’t want to apply).

For this particular case where there is a specific patch that you would like to apply, I suggest using the Windows Software Distribution wizard, paste in the link and choose the OS, and it should be very simple to apply.


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Hi Ben,

You’re right, it is simple to push out the patch. It’s more the relevance behind it and the one console for everything approach. The issue of windows update not matching what BigFix shows is a real issue for us. I’m not sure how other companies handle this but we want to be able to go into our patch management console and have it tell us all outstanding patches for the OS.

Would BigFix be willing to at least somehow warn us via the console that these other patches exist for the machines. So it would discover the missing patch but not provide the actual content? To us, a critical update is a critical update, security related on not.